Diameter 16 mm with Flange Nut Series 1412

There are two different standard shaft styles available, which also come in various stroke lengths. To view the different drawings for shaft style A and B, and the drawing of the nut, click one of the three squares above. You will find dimensions in the table below.  And remember that custom designs are also available.

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Technical data and dimensions
(Numbers in parenthesis refer to backlash-free execution!)
Nut shape series 1412/
Designation 2.16.470.527
Shaft style A
Threaded length [mm] 470
Overall length [mm] 527
Nominal stroke [mm] 400
Lead [mm] 2
Nominal diameter [mm] 16
Ball circles 3
Ball diameter [mm] 1.5
Dynamic load capacity [N] 2900
Static load capacity [N] 4900
Maximum play [mm] 0.02 (0)
Maximum friction-torque [Ncm] 1.4 (4.0)

Nut length LF [mm]

Length L3 [mm] 0
Nut diameter D1g6 [mm] 25
Bolt circle diameter D4 [mm]
D6 [mm]
L9 [mm] 29

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