Certificates and Approvals

ISO 9001 / EN 9100 

Steinmeyer maintains a quality system audited according to ISO 9001 and EN 9100. This systems have been proved by third-party audits as well as by several aerospace and non-aerospace customers audits.

Non-Destrictive Testing (NDT) and other special processes are outsourced to partners with the necessary qualifications, including NADCAP certificates. We control the quality procedures of our suppliers through process standards, which become part of the purchase orders.


ISO 9001 EQ-Zert English
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EN 9100 AirCert English
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Microhardness testing 

Steinmeyer has a lab equipped to make metallurgical sections and test specimens for microhardness accodding to AMS  / AMST standards. We verify and validate heat treatment through sections which are tested for hardness propfile and stored for future reference. Chemical composition of our materials is tested periodically by an outside lab to verify the accuracy of the certificates from our Steel suppliers. In certain cases, we machine standard tensile strength specimens, which are then heat treated together with each lot of parts and tested for strength.

Grinder burn inspection 

Nital etching of heat treated Cronidur® (AMS 5898) parts is not possible  due to the chemical composition of this steel. Steinmeyer uses Barkhausen noise analysis instead to test shafts and nuts made from Cronidur. This allows reliable detection of stresses up to 50 micron deep in the surface of parts.

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